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Potable Water Pipes

Pipes and joints approved for potable water service are now available from HOBAS Pipe USA, Inc. from our Houston, Texas manufacturing facility.

Product Construction
HOBAS potable water pipes have a centrifugal cast fiberglass reinforced polymer mortar wall construction, same as all other HOBAS pipes, except the final interior layer is epoxy resin in addition to the normal polyester layer.

Standards and Approval
The HOBAS potable water pipes and joint gaskets have been tested at and approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. These pipes are manufactured in accordance with and meet the performance requirements of AWWA C950, Fiberglass Pressure Pipe Standard.
HOBAS potable water pipes are suitable for many types of installations including open cut (direct bury), sliplining, jacking & microtunneling, tunnel lining and above ground.
HOBAS potable water pipes have the same benefits as other HOBAS pipes. The key benefits are summarized below:

  • Long, maintenance-free life due to the non-metallic construction which results in inherent corrosion resistance without add-on coatings, polybag encasement or cathodic protection.
  • Leak-free, quick assembly, gasket-sealed, push-together joints.
  • Significant energy savings due to the low head loss experienced from the smooth I.D. (Hazen-Williams C = 155).
  • Easy to bury with predictable and reliable performance because of the high stiffness design.
  • Low cost installation due to the lightweight, yet rugged, 20 foot sections and push-together joints (no welding or chemicals required).
  • Easy field length adjustments since the gasket-sealed coupling joints seal anywhere along the natural pipe O.D. surface with no calibration required.
  • Product Line
  • Diameters – 18″ to 126″ currently available
  • Pressure Classes – 50, 100, 150, 200 & 250 psi standard, although in-between values are routinely available
  • Stiffness Classes – 36, 46 & 72 psi standard, although others, in-between and higher, are available
  • Section Lengths – 20 foot standard and even divisions are routinely available
The standard joint is the HOBAS FWC fiberglass, gasket-sealed, unrestrained (not tied) coupling that features leak-free performance, push-together assembly and easy field length adjustments. The FWC coupling seals anywhere along the natural pipe O.D. surface with no calibration required. A flush version (same O.D. as the pipe) is available for jacking and tight fit reline applications. For more details see section 8 of the HOBAS Product Brochure.
Fittings and Taps
A wide variety of mitered and molded fittings is available including elbows, tees, reducers, flanges, wyes, laterals, nozzles and bushings. Outlets can be made using full sleeve tapping saddles. All of these items are not available for all pressure classes and diameters. Please inquire for specific capabilities suitable for your project conditions. Additionally, HOBAS pipes are dimensionally compatible with ductile iron pipes from 18″ to 48″ and have been used with ductile iron push-on and mechanical joints in these sizes. Steel fittings with appropriate corrosion protection may also be used.
The buried design procedure is given in Chapter 5 of the AWWA Fiberglass Pipe Design Manual, M45. Additional considerations apply for other installation methods. HOBAS Pipe USA can provide design calculations to demonstrate the performance of our pipes in specific conditions on individual projects. This service is available upon request when the pipeline operating conditions are known.
Standard quality control tests are defined in AWWA C950. However, it is not standard to factory hydrotest HOBAS pressure pipes due to their seamless, solid wall, non-porous, monolithic cast construction which has proven to have the highest leak-free reliability, not only in the factory, but also after installation.
In service flow tests conducted by users have determined the Hazen-Williams flow coefficient for HOBAS pipes to be 155. The resulting lower head loss requires less pump horsepower. This reduces initial capital costs and leads to very significant savings in pumping energy consumption. Please contact us regarding an evaluation for your system.
Installation requirements and suggestions are detailed in the HOBAS Product Brochure in section 14 and are consistent for all HOBAS pressure pipes. Note that unbalanced hydrodynamic forces at changes in line direction must be externally restrained by thrust blocks or other suitable means. Some fittings, such as tees, wyes and laterals, may require full encasement in reinforced concrete. Please inquire regarding specifics for your particular application.
HOBAS Pipe USA, Inc. now has pipe and joints that have received NSF approval for potable water service. Therefore, you can now enjoy the many cost saving benefits of HOBAS pressure pipes in your water transmission systems too! Contact your HOBAS sales representative today for assistance or a quotation.